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Comcast to expand number of neighborhood Wi-Fi hotspots

2013-06-10 09:23 by


Comcast is about to launch a new home-based, neighborhood hot-spot initiative, in which subscribers will host Wi-Fi hot spots that other Comcast customers can use as part of their monthly broadband service.

Xfinitywifi, named after Comcast's cable service brand, started earlier this year and was available to about 1,000 customers in New Jersey, close to Comcast's headquarters in Philadelphia. It's now available to about 100,000 customers in parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metro area.

"The newest wireless gateway broadcasts an additional "xfinitywifi" signal (or SSID) in the customer's home that is completely separate and distinct from the family's private and secure home Wi-Fi signal," according to Comcast's announcement.

"Wi-Fi is at the center of our strategy to offer our customers the best online experience, whether it's the fastest Wi-Fi experience in the home, or a fast and reliable Wi-Fi environment outside the home," said Tom Nagel, Comcast's Senior vp of business development. "Wi-Fi is an important part of our strategy to be the place where customers connect all devices, anywhere and at any time."

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