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Comcast, Time Warner join IPv6 test program

2011-02-15 09:33 by
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Comcast and Time Warner Cable, two major Internet service providers, will participate in the World IPv6 Day testing June 8 to help test readiness for the next-generation Internet Protocol.

Because the two companies are crucial gateways to the Internet for millions of people, their test will be an important-both for trying their own technology and for supplying some IPv6 users who can help other's setup. The companies announced the test today.

Internet Protocol version 6 supplies a vastly larger address space for attaching computers to the Internet than IPv4, which was established with a paltry 4.3 billion addresses in 1976 during the Internet's infancy. Although many of these are unused-most, by one measure--the last batches of IPv4 addresses were allocated at the highest levels this month, meaning it's only a matter of time before the remaining ones are used up.

It appears 2012 will be the year when people who need Internet addresses, notably mobile phone carriers and ISPs, will start running into serious supply issues. IPv6 alleviates the problem, but the fact that it's largely incompatible with today's IPv4 means a drawn-out, expensive, and technically complicated transition for the Internet.

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