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Comcast Screws Up Blazing Extreme 105 Service

2011-04-18 11:22 by
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Comcast recently introduced Extreme 105 - its new 105mbps high-speed broadband service. It sounds awesome at face value, but Comcast managed to screw it up in not one, but two ways that make it a horrible deal.

Would you like to have blazing fast 105mbps broadband? Sure, why not? It would be awesome to have high-speed broadband that is 10 times faster than what I have now. But, the combination of an astronomical cost, and a data cap quickly spoil the dream.

First, let's look at the cost. The Comcast Extreme 105 broadband service is $105 per month. $105? Granted, $105 for 105mbps is only one dollar per megabyte. It's less than twice what I pay now for service that is only about a tenth as fast - so bang for the buck it doesn't seem like a bad deal in comparison. But, it's Internet access, not a used car payment.

Still, there are more affordable broadband options for those who don't really need 105mbps, or can't stomach the $105 per month. The area where Comcast really drops the ball is by placing a 250GB monthly data cap on the service.

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