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Comcast Rolls Out Broadband Meters Coast to Coast

2010-04-02 09:58 by
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Comcast cable internet users across the country can now keep track of their data usage to make sure they donít go over their 250GB a month data allowance, thanks to bandwidth meters deployed to customers nationwide Thursday.

Comcast will send users an e-mail with a link to the meter, which can be found on their user page. As of Thursday, the meter is now available more than 25 states including all or parts of: Oregon, Washington, Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri , Colorado, Utah, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Comcast, which was dinged by the FCC for throttling peer-to-peer traffic, instituted its 250GB per month cap in August 2008 ó as a way for it to cut down on its heaviest bandwidth users without picking on specific kinds of net usage. It still sells its internet based on a connectionís speed, not the amount of data used.

Time Warner Cable, among others, have tried testing metered broadband pricing plans, where users paying for the amount of data rather than the throughput. Time Warner canceled its tests after massive user outrage, and a revolt that eventually got New York's senior senator involved in the backlash. Satellite internet providers, as well as most mobile broadband providers, also charge overage fees or penalize users when they go over 5GB per month.

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