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Comcast Outage Hits Boston, East-coast Cities

2010-11-29 09:31 by
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Comcast's cable Internet service on the U.S. east coast was hit with problems late Sunday that left many users unable to access the Internet.

"Our engineers are working very aggressively to fix the problem," said Doreen Vigue, a Boston-based spokeswoman for Comcast. She said she didn't have any specific information about the cause of the fault or the cities affected beyond Boston.

Twitter postings point to a DNS (domain name system) server problem.

DNS is the system that converts human-friendly Internet address like "" into a numeric Internet address, which are vital to Internet communications. If the DNS servers go down there's no way for a user's PC to address data correctly and so communication stops.

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by YARDofSTUF - 2010-11-29 12:05
Ya it was a DNS issue for me, fortunately I was able to get google to bring up the new Comcast dns sec server ips so I switched to and Still had some issues but about 90% of the crap I cared about loaded then.
by YARDofSTUF - 2010-11-30 17:58
Hah, the outtage was caused by a bullet hole severing a fiber line. lol
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