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Comcast full duplex DOCSIS trial pumps out 4-Gig symmetrical speeds

2021-04-23 14:42 by
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Comcast said today that it completed a lab test of a DOCSIS 4.0 full duplex system on a chip (SOC) that will be a critical component of multi-gigabit services to be deployed in the future. In an interview with Telecompetitor, Comcast Senior Vice President of Next Generation Access Networks Elad Nafshi called the testing a "stepping stone to the end vision" of 10 Gbps services.

This trial begins to lay the groundwork for network operators like Comcast to deliver multigigabit download and upload speeds over connections that are already installed in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. Cable operators in the U.S. have already installed networks that pass 85 percent of U.S. homes.

Asked what would be required for DOCSIS 4.0 to support 10 Gbps speeds, Nafshi noted that it would involve updates to software in the virtual cable modem termination system (vCMTS) that is also part of the DAA (distributed access architecture).

In commercial deployments, a DOCSIS 4.0 SOC would also have to be installed in the customer's modem, but Nafshi noted that the second SOC was not required for Comcast's testing because the purpose of the tests was just to confirm the speeds that could be supported.

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