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Comcast adds 5G data plans to its Xfinity Mobile service

2020-05-18 16:05 by
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Comcast announced Monday that it's switching on free 5G network service for both its Xfinity Mobile by-the-gig and its $45-a-month unlimited plan users. Whether customers pay by the gig, or for an unlimited data package, they'll be able to access 5G services across 31 major cities in the US for no extra charge. The "by the gig" plans start at 1GB of data for $15 per month, with a midlevel plan offering 3GB of data for $30 and a top plan giving 10GB for $60. The wireless plans include unlimited talk and text plus access to Comcast's network of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots.

"From day one, Xfinity Mobile has been proud to be the only provider to empower customers to design a mobile plan that fits their needs, as well as have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between unlimited or per gig to save money," Comcast's Rui Costa, SVP of innovation and customer value propositions, said in a release. "We're excited to now extend that benefit with 5G data plans."

If you want to take advantage of 5G on Xfinity Mobile, you'll need one of the two 5G phones the carrier offers — either the $1,199 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus or $1,399 Galaxy S20 Ultra. Interestingly, you'll have to opt into 5G service from within the Xfinity app, even if you have one of the supported devices and even though the service comes at no additional expense.

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