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Boston Dynamics uses ChatGPT to create a robot tour guide

2023-10-27 18:25 by
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A group of engineers recently made Boston Dynamics' robot Spot to serve as a tour guide across Boston Dynamics' premises by leveraging generative AI capabilities.

A video demonstrating the effort reveals some very impressive results. Sporting a hat, plastic eyes, and fake eyebrows, and opening and closing its robotic gripper as it "talks," Spot takes us on an entertaining tour of parts of Boston Dynamics' facility in Massachusetts.

To make Spot "talk," Boston Dynamics used OpenAI's ChatGPT API, along with some open-source large language models (LLM) to carefully train its responses. It then outfitted the bot with a speaker, added text-to-speech capabilities, and made its mouth - er... gripper - mimic speech "like the mouth of a puppet."

Matt Klingensmith, the principal software engineer at Boston Dynamics, says the team gave Spot a "very brief script" for each of the rooms at its facilities. The bot then combined that script with the imagery it gets from the cameras on its gripper and body, allowing it to "get more information about what it sees before generating a response." According to the company, Spot uses Visual Question Answering models to essentially caption images and answer questions about them.

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Watch the video here:


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