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Boston Dynamics' robots can now dance

2020-12-29 18:52 by
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Every few months, Boston Dynamics shares a video of what it's working on, and its latest video is the best yet - showing multiple robots independently dancing - quite well - to the song 'Do You Love Me' by The Contours.

The video features the company's Spot ('dog') and Atlas ('man') robots, which we've previously seen in demonstrations ranging from simply opening a door to more complex things like navigating a parkour course.

Atlas, shows off some new tricks, including effortlessly standing and balancing on one foot and performing The Mashed Potato and The Twist, among other dance moves. For the most part, it's a fun and lighthearted video presumably intended to slowly acclimatize humanity to automatons like these eventually being more common in daily life.

The company's most recent creation, Handle, also makes an appearance in this dance-off, shaking its counterweight to Berry Gordy Jr.'s "Do You Love Me" as performed by The Contours.

The video comes at the end of what has been a busy year for Boston Dynamics. Earlier this month, Hyundai purchased an 80 percent stake in the company, making it the firm's third owner in the span of a decade. Spot also went on sale in 2020 (for the eye-watering price of $74,500) and someone in Canada even got to see one out in the wild.

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