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Belkin announces new WeMo connected-home products at CES 2015

2015-01-05 09:29 by
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Following the trend for home automation devices, networking manufacturer Belkin has announced at CES 2015 several products that expand its WeMo brand. The additions include a Wi-Fi-to-Zigbee bridge and multiple sensors that work with it.

F7C038F7C041WeMo Door and Window Sensor (F7C038) is actually a pair of sensors. One of them need to be mounted on the door/window and the other one - on the door/window frame. The two parts then create a magnetic field and emit a radio signal when the door or window opens, separating the sensors and breaking that field. Also, the sensors can report the status of a door or window - whether it is open or closed.

WeMo Room Motion Sensor (F7C041) is an infrared sensor that detects heat signatures. It provides 30-foot range and 90-degree field of view. The device comes with a few limitations though - it depends on AC power and the length of its power cord respectively. The sensor can be set up to trigger other WeMo devices, including the WeMo Light Switch.

WeMo Alarm Sensor (F7C040) is a sound detector that listens to the noises in a building and triggers a WeMo alert. By using the WeMo app users can create a list of emergency contacts who will be alerted in case a problem occurs.

F7C040F7C039WeMo Water with Echo Technology sensor is intended to be mounted to any water pipe and detects pressure changes throughout the plumbing. In case a problem occurs, it sends the data to the WeMo app on user's phone. According to the company "WeMo Water can identify usage time, duration, and cost of any end-unit on the system (showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, etc.), accurately calculate water consumption per object, and even alert users to potentially devastating damage and leaks."

WeMo Keychain Sensor (F7C039) acts as a digital tracking device that alerts users when a person enters or leaves the home. It can also be used as a trigger: if you leave the house with it, it can turn off all your other WeMo-connected devices.


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