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AT&T sues Cox Communications over patents

2014-09-02 09:10 by
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AT&T Inc. filed a lawsuit with the District Court of Delaware against Cox Communications, Inc. and 32 of its regional units for infringing its eight patents related to various telecom technologies.

The eight patents cover all areas of Cox's business including TV, broadband internet, and telephony as well as aspects of customer service. It also includes equipment such as DVRs and set-top boxes (STBs), packet loss concealment during transmission in telephone lines, data transmission on the RF network, and a software that maintains the subscriber profiles allowing the company to improve its customer service quality.

AT&T said that Cox DVRs and set-top boxes like the Explorer 8000 and 8300 lines infringe on two AT&T patents: 5,809,492 and 6,118,976. The Cox digital telephone system allegedly infringes on 6,487,200. AT&T patents 6,952,668, 7,233,897, and 7,908,140 were cited in the lawsuit as well.

In the lawsuit, AT&T states:

"In 2009, AT&T contacted Cox regarding Cox's ongoing infringement of a number of patents, including some of those enumerated in this complaint. Despite years of protracted negotiations, Cox has sought to avoid payment for its infringement by repeatedly delaying and rescheduling negotiations. Given every opportunity, Cox has failed to provide substantial arguments for either non-infringement or invalidity of AT&T's patents.

Cox's conduct constitutes a steadfast refusal to take a license, even though Cox generates billions of dollars in revenue every year through its use of AT&T's technologies. AT&T has been forced to file this lawsuit to obtain a judgment that Cox owes royalty payments for its unauthorized use of AT&T's patented inventions."

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