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AT&T promises to lower your Internet bill if FCC kills net neutrality

2014-03-25 09:45 by
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As an appeal to FCC to kill the Net neutrality rules, AT&T promised to lower its customers' Internet bills. Actually, the company wants the FCC to let Internet service providers charge Web companies like Netflix for faster delivery of content to consumers.

"Allowing individualized dealings between ISPs and edge providers is sound policy for a number of reasons. By enabling smaller edge providers to negotiate special arrangements for the handling of their traffic, flexible net neutrality rules will empower start-ups to compete more effectively against more entrenched and well-heeled rivals. And by enabling ISPs to recover the costs of network upgrades not just from consumers but also from the edge providers whose applications benefit from such upgrades, flexible rules also will promote deployment of additional broadband infrastructure and improved features. They also will reduce the cost of broadband service for consumers, facilitating greater adoption," AT&T stated in a filing with the FCC on Friday.

However, many consumer advocates have argued that allowing ISPs to charge a premium for providing quality delivery of content puts too high a price on entry into the marketplace for a startup competitor. The idea is that larger, deep-pocketed companies will not feel the sting of the additional cost as much as a newer business trying to carve out a customer base. This leads to lack of competition, which can result in higher prices and crippled innovation.

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