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AT&T launches 5G for wireless customers in 10 cities

2019-12-13 18:58 by
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AT&T announced on Friday that its 5G network is now live in 10 markets, enabling consumers to take advantage of faster data speeds than what 4G LTE offers. The company launched 5G in Birmingham, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rochester, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.

AT&T says the service will soon add several more cities to its 5G network: Boston, Bridgeport, Conn., Buffalo, N.Y., Las Vegas, Louisville, and New York City. Nationwide coverage is slated for the "first half of 2020," the company has said.

Coverage maps (PDF) show exactly where you can access 5G, although most people will need a new phone and to fill that need AT&T is also beginning sales of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Shipments begin today for people who've preordered the $1,300 device, and customers can obtain them either online or in stores. With trade ins and eligible unlimited plan, that price could drop as low as $350.

AT&T explained that it offers two types of next-gen 5G technology. The low-band 5G—which it's calling 5G—initially offers broad coverage areas for both consumers and businesses; it's ideal for mobile customers who need performance while on the move.

The high-band 5G, which AT&T is calling 5G+, offers extra speed and capacity to serve high-traffic areas and places like arenas, campuses and the like. It's currently available only for businesses and "collaborators" who are exploring new ways to "unlock the significant performance capabilities" offered in the higher band spectrum. That service is now offered in parts of 23 cities, including recent entries into parts of King of Prussia and West Hollywood.

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