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AT&T Apologises, Blames 'Hackers' For iPad 3G E-mail Breach

2010-06-14 09:35 by
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AT&T is apologizing to over 100,000 Apple iPad 3G owners for what it says was a security breach by a hacker that gained access to e-mail addresses. The apology came on Sunday, six days after an AT&T says a hacker gained access to 114,000 AT&T iPad 3G customers' e-mail addresses, according Dorothy Attwood, senior vice president for public policy and chief privacy office.

AT&T says that it learned on June 7 that hackers had "maliciously exploited" a function in its system to obtain serial numbers of AT&T SIM cards for the iPad 3G (called ICC-IDs) and their corresponding email addresses (including some high ranking names from the Senate, Department of Justice, FCC, NASA, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and several big media companies).

In a public statement Attwood assured users no other information was exposed, and that the matter has been resolved. [Full text of the letter here]

The list of email addresses obtained through this exploit was then offered to the media, with Gawker being the first to pick up on the story on June 9. AT&T claims in the email that it has plugged the security whole which allowed this breach "within hours", and says that email addresses and ICC-IDs were the only information available through the security hole.

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