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ASUS' ROG Ally is yet another Steam Deck competitor

2023-04-04 14:39 by
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Asus announced it is making a Steam Deck handheld competitor called ROG Ally. The ROG Ally made its debut on Saturday and, as of Monday, is already listed at Best Buy though it's not available for preorder yet. On paper, the Ally has a similar build to the Steam Deck, but there are several differences that could give it the upper hand over Valve's hardware.

The ROG Ally is built on an AMD APU like the Steam Deck, but it's running Windows out of the box, giving it access to a wider band of games without the need for a Linux-based compatibility layer. Details on the hardware are sparse, but Asus claims that the APU is custom ("the fastest AMD APU yet"), the cooling uses dual fans, and the screen is full HD resolution that works well under direct lighting. The video shows off RGB lighting around the analog sticks and on a rear strip, and while it lacks the Steam Deck's touch-sensitive pads, it does have rear handle buttons.

Other companies have tried to compete with the Steam Deck with handheld PCs of their own, like Ayaneo, a small company in China that has developed the Ayaneo Air and Ayaneo 2 - both of which were released within six months. Asus is the first company within the US to try and create a handheld PC whose performance may surpass that of Valve's coveted device.

Whether or not the ROG Ally does well largely depends on its price and performance relative to the Steam Deck (starting at $399) and higher-end handhelds like the $850 Ayaneo 2. As ASUS' early marketing suggests, though, there are potentially strong advantages. Unlike the Steam Deck, which is officially limited to running games in your Steam library (and only some, at that), the Ally can theoretically run most any game its hardware can handle. And while brands like Ayaneo and GPD are relatively small, ASUS is a major name - you'll likely have an easier time finding the Ally.

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