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Assange Says Google is Like a "Privatised NSA"

2014-09-19 09:09 by
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has accused Google of behaving like a "privatised version of the NSA" in the way it collects and stores information about people. Showing a clear understanding of exactly how Google works, speaking to BBC and Sky News, Assange explained:

"Google's business model is the spy. It makes more than 80 percent of its money by collecting information about people, pooling it together, storing it, indexing it, building profiles of people to predict their interests and behavior, and then selling those profiles principally to advertisers, but also others," Assange told BBC.

"They are formally listed as part of the defense industrial base since 2009. They have been engaged with the Prism system, where nearly all information collected by Google is available to the NSA," Assange said. "At the institutional level, Google is deeply involved in US foreign policy."

Assange, who has been trapped in London's Ecuadorian embassy since June 2012 after being granted asylum, risks being arrested immediately by British police who stand watch outside the embassy should he attempt to leave.

He also risks deportation to Sweden to face charges of an alleged sexual assault on two women in 2010 - charges which Assange and his supporters claim are politically motivated as a result of his leaking of top secret documents via his WikiLeaks website.

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