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Apple's CEO refuses to help the FBI

2016-02-18 15:06 by
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Apple's battle with the FBI continues to raise popularity. Earlier this week, the FBI got a court order to access the mobile phone of San Bernardino killer Syed Farook. However, Apple officials denied to help the authorities unlock the iPhone.

Since the launch of the iPhone 6 in September of 2014, Apple implemented new security and encryption features which ensure that it would not be able to unlock customer phones and decrypt the data on them.

In a letter to customers, Apple boss Tim Cook said he did not want to introduce what is known in IT security as a "back door". He described the FBI's court order as "dangerous", "chilling" and "unprecedented".

Leaders from other tech companies have also expressed their support for Apple's policy. In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai warned that creating a backdoor for law enforcement to bypass security measures could compromise users' privacy.

"The FBI's request... represents the next step in the journey to find the Holy Grail of backdoor unencryption, and the next salvo in the ever-escalating battle between law enforcement and tech companies," said Robert Cattanach, a cybersecurity attorney and former Department of Justice special counsel.

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