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Apple wins patent ruling against Samsung in appeals court

2015-09-18 02:18 by
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The U.S. top patent court has sided with Apple and awarded it with an injunction barring Samsung from selling products that infringe its patents. This is another victory for Apple in its four-year smartphone fight with its biggest rival.

The decision is a rebuke to US District Judge Lucy Koh, who held that Apple should be satisfied with monetary damages, and didn't deserve an injunction. This happened last year, when an eight-member jury determined that Samsung violated two Apple patents, including its slide-to-unlock feature on iPhones, and awarded Apple nearly $120 million in damages.

That came after a first trial in 2012 that ultimately resulted in Apple claiming more than $500 million in damages for Samsung's patent violations on even older smartphones and tablets, a verdict that was upheld earlier this year by the Federal Cirtuit.

According to the latest ruling:

"The right to exclude competitors from using one's property rights is important. And the right to maintain exclusivity—a hallmark and crucial guarantee of patents rights deriving from the Constitution itself—is likewise important. "

Samsung, however, hasn't given up. It's appealing both this and the original infringement verdict. If it wins, the victory would nullify both verdicts.

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