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Apple sued in a landmark iPhone monopoly lawsuit

2024-03-22 18:32 by
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The US Justice Department and more than a dozen states filed a blockbuster antitrust lawsuit against Apple on Thursday, accusing the giant company of illegally monopolizing the smartphone market.

"We allege that Apple has maintained monopoly power in the smartphone market, not simply by staying ahead of the competition on the merits, but by violating federal antitrust law," Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement announcing the lawsuit. "If left unchallenged, Apple will only continue to strengthen its smartphone monopoly."

The DOJ is arguing that its monopoly has caused for the lack of growth in the area in the industry harming competitors, developers and consumers. They have alleged that by Apple has engaged in anticompetitive measures that keep consumers from buying iPhones. From limiting third-party wallet and smartwatch compatibility as well as blocking cross-platform messaging apps and its controversial decisions to discourage non-App Store programs. The DOJ is also claiming that Apple's anticompetitive practices are exclusionary due to contractual restrictions and fees that deliberately limit the function and features offered on the iPhone and within its operating system.

Apple strongly rebuked the lawsuit in a statement to ABC News.

"At Apple, we innovate every day to make technology people love - designing products that work seamlessly together, protect people's privacy and security, and create a magical experience for our users," the company said. "This lawsuit threatens who we are and the principles that set Apple products apart in fiercely competitive markets."

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