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Apple's AI will work without an Internet connection

2024-04-22 15:37 by
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Apple is reported to be developing its own large language model (LLM) to power on-device generative artificial intelligence (AI) features for its new iPhone series.

It is possible that Apple's AI model will run entirely on-device, according to Bloomberg. Unlike other AI-driven tools that heavily rely on cloud computing, Apple's latest update with iOS 18 will run its AI suite directly from your iPhone. That's right, no internet connection required. This ensures that your personal data never leaves your device.

In today's world, where over 3.5 billion people are smartphone users, ensuring data privacy is essential, given the rising concern about Generative AI and data leaks. Apple's shift to on-device processing with their newly developed AI model, 'Ajax', offers both speed and enhanced privacy, and also minimizes the risk of data breaches.

On-device processes could help eliminate certain controversies found with server-side AI tools. For example, these tools have been known to hallucinate, meaning they make up information confidently. And, the hallucination problem has only gotten worse, as AI models feed on content generated by other AI models.

With its new "Ajax" LLM, the company likely seeks to build a competitor to the tools currently on the market. By eliminating the requirement for cloud-based processing and improving the quality of text generation, the company could gain a significant advantage over rival AI-powered services and tools.

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