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Apple releases first ever automatic security update

2014-12-23 09:41 by
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Apple has released its first ever automatic security update for OS X. The fix patches a vulnerability related to network time protocol (NTP), which is used for synchronizing clocks on computer systems. The bug could allow an attacker to remotely run code on a system.

Usually Apple would release such a fix as a part of its regular updates. However, the severity of the flaw forced the company to roll out this update immediately to protect customers as soon as possible. Although Apple has had this capability for years, now it is the first time that the company uses it.

"Apple's proactive steps to automatically remediate this particular vulnerability shows the need to quickly patch remotely exploitable vulnerabilities," says security analyst Ken Westin of Tripwire. "However, the use of Apple's automatic deployment tool is not without risks, as even the simplest update can cause problems for some systems. In this case the update may have been so minor the risk of affecting other applications and processes was minimal."

The update is seamless, it doesn't even require a restart. However, users who don't like automatic updates can turn them of by clicking on Apple Menu > System Preferences > App Store and unchecking Install system data files and security updates.

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