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Amped Wireless Debuts Business-Class High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Solutions with Centralized Management

2015-01-06 13:48 by
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Amped Wireless today announced the launch of the APR175P and REB175P business class, high power Wi-Fi solutions. The APR175P is a High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Access Point / Router and the REB175P is a High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender / Bridge. These business class devices can provide up to 8,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage and are designed for complex networks that demand long range coverage, high performance Wi-Fi speeds, advanced security features and centralized management for large deployments.

Both the ProSeries APR175P and REB175P are equipped with twelve high power amplifiers and three high gain external antennas for up to 500mW of Wi-Fi output power (standard Wi-Fi devices feature 100mW of output power). This combination of Amped Wireless High Power technology, combined with blazing-fast AC1750 Wi-Fi technology delivers wider range and maximum performance.

APR175PAPR175PAPR175PThe Pro Series High Power AC1750 Access Point / Router is multifaceted, it is built with a unique set of 5 different modes. Router Mode allows it to act as a high power, long range Wi-Fi Router. Access Point Mode is when the device is wired to an existing network to add long range, secure Wi-Fi to any network. With WDS-AP Mode you can connect multiple Access Points together, wirelessly, to deliver wired and wireless Internet access across a large area. And for more intricate, larger networks - the APR175P can be placed in Controller Mode or Managed Mode. Controller Mode allows for remote management of up to 7 access points simultaneously that are configured in Managed mode. This allows for swift, simultaneous updates and control of a more broad and complex network.

The Pro Series High Power AC1750 Range Extender / Bridge features 4 different modes; Universal Range Extender Mode to extend the range of any network, Firewall Range Extender Mode is used to secure an extended network with firewall settings, Bridge Mode and WDS-Bridge mode for extending a WDS-AP network.

The ProSeries solutions support advanced security features with the ability to support up to 32 Wi-Fi networks, each with unique security and access configurations. Each Wi-Fi network features smart security features that allow for the isolation of connecting devices, bandwidth restrictions, network access restrictions, VLANs, max users settings, MAC filtering, access schedules and much more. The two gigabit ports on both the APR175P and the REB175P also feature customized VLAN settings and bandwidth controls. Intrusion detection systems and RADIUS servers (internal and external) are also provided for maximum security.

Deploying the ProSeries High Power Solutions is simple with Power over Ethernet support and magnetic or wall based mounting options. Graphical maps with customizable floor plans and coverage areas, along with analytics for each access point make installation and management easy for anyone.

The ProSeries High Power AC1750 Range Extender / Bridge and Access Point / Router will both be available for order early 2015.


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