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Amazon reveals first custom electric delivery vans with Rivian

2020-10-08 18:46 by
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Amazon on Thursday unveiled its electric delivery vans that were created in partnership with start-up Rivian Automotive. The four-wheeled box is the first unit of 100,000 ordered that will hit the road in 2021 according to the Seattle-based company.

The new delivery van has been designed from the ground-up to suite Amazon's needs. It doesn't look too different from existing, traditional fuel and hybrid commercial delivery vans (though there are a lot more rounded edges), but most of the innovation is happening in less obvious places.

The e-commerce giant says the vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art sensor detection, exterior cameras around the vehicle for a 360 degree view, and Alexa integration. They also have a larger interior floor space in the cabin to help with drivers getting to and from the cabin compartment; surround tail lights for better braking visibility for other drivers; integrated three-level shelving and a bulkhead cargo compartment separating door.

"When we set out to create our first customized electric delivery vehicle with Rivian, we knew that it needed to far surpass any other delivery vehicle. We wanted drivers to love using it and customers to feel excited when they saw it driving through their neighborhood and pulling up to their home," said Ross Rachey, Director of Amazon's Global Fleet and Products. "We combined Rivian's technology with our delivery logistics knowledge, and the result is what you see here-the future of last mile delivery."

Amazon targets having as many as 10K custom electric vehicles making deliveries by 2022 and all 100K ordered vehicles on the road by 2030.

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