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Amazon offers quantum computing on its AWS servers

2019-12-03 17:43 by
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Amazon has announced a new service, called Amazon Braket. It is a new, fully managed AWS service that the company has touted will enable scientists, researchers, and developers to experiment with computers from quantum hardware providers, such as D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti.

AWS said the service lets customers explore, evaluate, and experiment with quantum computing hardware to gain in-house experience as they plan for the future. It's a single development environment to build quantum algorithms, test them on simulated quantum computers, and try them on a range of different quantum hardware architectures.

"With quantum engineering starting to make more meaningful progress, customers are asking for ways to experiment with quantum computers and explore the technology's potential," said AWS senior vice president Charlie Bell. "We believe that quantum computing will be a cloud-first technology and that the cloud will be the main way customers access the hardware."

Quantum computers are devices that run algorithms using a different kind of mathematics than a regular computer—one based on the probability-driven laws that govern how subatomic particles interact. First devised by Richard Feynman in the early 1980s, well-known companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft, as well as startups like IonQ and Rigetti, have realized these machines.

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