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Amazon is opening its first physical clothing store

2022-01-20 18:41 by


Amazon is opening its first-ever Amazon Style physical clothing store with the promise of a high-tech shopping experience, confirming a rumor from last year. It will offer brands consumers "know and love," according to Amazon, and an app will let you choose an item, size and color and send it directly to a fitting room or pickup counter. The first store is coming to The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles sometime "later this year," the company said.

In line with Amazon's existing retail locations, the new Amazon Style store is packed to the gills with shopping tech. Amazon says clothes racks will feature QR codes, which customers can scan to see available sizes, colors, customer ratings, and product details. Then, with a tap of a button, selected items will be sent to a fitting room to try on without having to first rummage through racks. Amazon will also send additional items its algorithms think you might like. A promotional video shows how Amazon's app will alert customers when a fitting room is ready.

"Our first-ever physical apparel store offers a personalized, convenient shopping experience where Amazon's technology and operations make it easy for customers to find styles they love at great prices," Amazon Style Managing Director Simoina Vasen said in the statement.

"Using the Amazon Shopping app, customers can send items to a fitting room, where they can use a touchscreen to browse more options, rate items, and request more sizes or styles that are delivered directly to their room within minutes," the company said.

The company's new store aims to attract a broad range of shoppers with hundreds of brands, Vasen said, declining to name examples. It has hundreds of associates, and no cashier-less checkout like some Amazon stores, Vasen said. Still, using a biometric system known as Amazon One, customers can pay with a swipe of their palm.

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