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Amazon is launching its own version of Wi-Fi

2019-09-26 18:08 by
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Amazon has developed a new low-bandwidth, long-distance wireless protocol, called Sidewalk, that aims to connect all of the IoT devices in and around your house. Sidewalk uses the low bandwidth 900 megahertz spectrum to extend the distance at which IoT devices can be controlled, and requires less power than needed for WiFi.

This network will enable developers to build new products that can be placed farther than the reach of your wireless signal. Amazon cites water sensors to keep the plants in your garden quenched, or a mailbox device to let you know when you've got mail as examples. The company will also be introducing the Ring Fetch, which is a dog tracker that will alert you if your good boy leaves a designated perimeter.

"We came up with something that we call Amazon Sidewalk," Amazon's device chief Dave Limp said at the event. "Amazon Sidewalk is a brand new low-bandwidth network that uses the already existing free over-the-air 900 megahertz spectrum. We think it will be great for keeping track of things, keeping things up to date — but first and foremost, it will extend in the distance at which you can control these kinds of simple, low-cost, easy-to-use devices."

Amazon said Sidewalk has already been tested to connect devices across Los Angeles and that the first Sidewalk-enabled device — a dog-tracking collar accessory called Fetch — will launch early next year. 

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