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Amazon gets key FCC approval for its Project Kuiper

2023-02-09 18:12 by
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The FCC has sided with Amazon on a regulatory battle over Project Kuiper, the company's satellite internet system, despite objections from rival SpaceX. The Federal Communications Commission says Amazon's 3,236-satellite Project Kuiper constellation is fully cleared for deployment after the company filed an acceptable plan for dealing with the risks of orbital debris.

The conditions include semi-annual reports that Kuiper must give the FCC to detail the collision avoidance maneuvers its satellites have made, whether any have lost the ability to steer away from objects, and other debris risk indicators.

The FCC also requires Kuiper to ensure plans to de-orbit satellites after their seven-year mission keep inhabitable space stations in addition to the International Space Station in mind. Kuiper's post-mission disposal plan involves lowering the perigee of the satellite to about 350 kilometers, where the company says a denser atmosphere would result in drag that would see it decay from orbit within a year.

In a statement, Amazon said:

"Space safety is a core tenet for the Kuiper team, and we're committed to operating safely and responsibly in space. Our orbital debris mitigation plans demonstrate the Kuiper System is designed to meet or exceed all requirements set forth by the FCC. We are pleased that the Commission has granted our application and we appreciate the coordination to ensure the industry is prioritizing safety."

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