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List of netowrking, wireless, broadband, satellite, telephony, general computing and other technical terms used throughout the site.
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Term Description
Kbps Kbps (Kilobits per second, not to be confused with KBps) stands for thousands of bits per second or kilobits per second and is a measure of bandwidth (the total information flow over a given time) on a communications medium.

A kilobit is a thousand bits (binary pulses), or 1,000 (10^3) bits. Bits in data communications are discrete signal pulses and have historically been counted using the decimal number system.

See also: Bits/Bytes conversion calculator
Kerberos Kerberos is a network authentication system based on key distribution. It allows entities that communicate over a wired or wireless network to prove their identity to each other while preventing eavesdropping or replay attacks. It also provides for data stream integrity (detection of modification) and secrecy (preventing unauthorized reading) using cryptography systems such as DES.

Kerberos works by providing principals (users or services) with digital tickets that they can use to identify themselves to the network and secret cryptographic keys for secure communications. A ticket is a sequence of a few hundred bytes that can be embedded in virtually any other network protocol, thereby allowing the processes implementing that protocol to be sure about the identity of the principals involved.

Kerberos is available free from MIT and as a product from many different vendors.
KVM switch KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) switch is a hardware device that allows a single keyboard, video(monitor) and mouse to be used with a number of computers, when a single user interacts with all the computers (one at a time).
Term Description
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