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How to find your MAC address ?

Below are some OS-specific instructions on how to find your Network adapter's MAC address. Note that multiple Network Adapters might be listed.

Windows XP/2k/2k3
- Click on Start > Run > type: command (hit Enter)
- type: ipconfig /all (hit Enter)
- the MAC address is listed as the "Physical Address" number

Windows 9x/ME
- Click on Start > Run > type: winipcfg (hit Enter)
- the MAC address is listed as the "Adapter Address" for each device

Macintosh OS X
- from the dock, select "System Preferences" > "Network" pane
- with the TCP/IP tab selected, the "Ethernet Address" number is your MAC address.

- login as user with root priviledges, type: ipconfig -a and look at the info for each adapter. The MAC address is listed as "HWaddr".

- use the dmefg command to display the MAC address.

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