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How to change the MTU on a D-Link router ?

An appropriate MTU value is important to the proper operation of any network. To change the MTU on a DI series D-Link router, simply follow the steps below:

1. Connect to your router's admin interface. Usually The default username is "admin" (without the quotes) and the default password is blank.

2. Click on the WAN (or ATM) button from the left vertical menu.

3. Find the "MTU" towards the bottom, enter your desired MTU value (usually 1500, or 1492 for PPPoE) in the text field, and click Apply. The router will restart to apply the new settings.

Some newer routers/APs may have different IP address or default username/password combination, you may want to check our hardware database for additional information about your specific model: D-Link routers database

  User Reviews/Comments:
by erh68 - 2006-11-24 05:44
....and don't forget to save this changes - or you'll have to retype the mtu-rate again the next time you connect to the internet.
by anonymous - 2007-12-05 20:38
well when i type admin and nothing for password it wont let me in wat do i do?
by anonymous - 2008-09-29 13:59
i have the same problem need to change MTU and i try what you say with the password and it wont let me do it !!!!!!!!!!
by Philip - 2008-09-29 20:51
Try our routers database (or your manual) for your exact model, some have different passwords:
by anonymous - 2008-09-30 01:29
I can't find my admin interface
by anonymous - 2010-04-06 13:17
there is no wan button on the left menu
by anonymous - 2010-04-09 05:10
type admin as the password as well
by anonymous - 2010-09-09 22:43
I used "admin" and the password as well at the username, that worked for me anyway.
by mrmoonaroo - 2010-12-17 04:46
type in admin for the password and username then it will let u in > go wan > mtu > and then change to 1400 (1500 is too high)
by anonymous - 2011-03-22 05:22
I can not find where it says MPU. its not there
by anonymous - 2011-04-18 07:47
yeah i cant see the wan button either i only have an option of internet setup wireless set up and local network time and date?? please help
by anonymous - 2011-05-06 07:13
instead of nothing for the password type in admin aswell
by anonymous - 2011-06-01 02:45
If no WAN button goto Internet Setup, Edit, Next, Next and then MTU will be there.
by anonymous - 2011-07-04 15:05
i dont have the mtu settings on the vertical bar...where do i go or what do i do
by obiwan kenobi - 2011-09-13 11:34
I can not find MTU settings anywhere? Not left of the vertical bar. Not in internet settings. No where....
by aziz florian - 2011-09-30 14:24
je vois le bouton WAN mai pa le MTU
by anonymous - 2011-10-16 18:23
I am having the same problems. Why isn't anyone answering to our problems finding MTU area?
by Zombiekiller26 - 2011-10-19 23:42
i needed to change this so i clould use xbox live but anything i try doesnt work. this is my final try. hope it works. ill say if it does.
by Philip - 2011-10-20 09:04
You may have to upgrade your firmware, if you find the MTU setting in a different menu it may have changed for newer models (please let us know).

Please use our forums for additional questions you may have.
by anonymous - 2012-07-26 05:12
I don't have a WAN or ATM tab
by anonymous - 2015-08-14 10:17
Router model dir-880l has this option under settings/internet/advanced
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