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How secure is a cable modem connection ?

The cable modem connection itself does not provide any type of security, just connectivity. The fact that you are on-line 24/7 makes you more exposed to attacks of various sorts. Make sure you have file and printer sharing turned off (or with unguessable passwords) if you are using Windows. Additional protection in form of firewall etc. might help you as well. Check our articles section for some security articles, as well as our Security forum for additional information.

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by anonymous - 2008-10-07 00:04
The config file your ISP loads into your cable modem can outright block some ports, although this is rarely used. (The normal exception being if you don't pay your bill it will general load a 'blocked' config file that blocks ALL CPE traffic).
Usually if an ISP is blocking or re-directing a certain port it happens further up once you get past the CMTS.

Also be aware that many ISP's are now providing combo units that are both a modem & a router/wireless router, and routers are a whole new can of worms.
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