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How do I connect to my broadband router's management interface ?

Most broadband routers (and SOHO firewalls) have some form of web-based administration for router configuration and management. Different brands routers use different default IPs/ports for connecting to their web management interface. Here is a quick and incomplete cheat sheet to help you connect to them:

Cayman (Netopia): (or http://cayman-dsl)
Efficient Networks Speedstream 5200:
Ericsson Piperider:
Q-TEC 790RH:
SMC: (admin/smc)
Trendnet Wireless F3:
Westell Wirespeed http://launchmodem/ or

- For a more complete database of routers' addresses, as well as default passwords, check out our extensive Broadband Hardware Database with over 3000 routers/modems.
- You can easily find your router's IP address in Command Prompt (Start > Run > type command), by typing ipconfig. The "Default Gateway" is your router's IP address in most cases, and can be used as an URL for its management interface.
- To connect to a router's admin interface via the WAN port, you might have to enable the feature in the router, then use the router's public IP address and the same port.
- Even if your router is not listed, you might still be able to connect to it using one of the above IP addresses.
- For a list of cable/dsl modems' diagnostic interface IPs please see our Cable Modem FAQ instead.

If you can't find your modem/router in our database, please feel free to contact us with brand/model and any additional information.

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