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DOCSIS Dynamic Range Window Violation?

This error usually suggests that there is a signal or equipment problem. Possible causes for this could be ingress in the system, upstream power, SNR, or coax cabling related. It is often accompanied by DOCSIS T3 timeouts.

Possible solutions:
- make sure the signal levels are within specs (link below)
- shorten internal coaxial cable run as feasible, use only RG-6
- use taps instead of splitters between the drop and the cable modem.
- check all connectors for corrosion and tightness (prevents ingress)
- use FPAs (Forward Path Attenuators) to get downstream power down close to zero without affecting upstream power.
- replace cable modem
- possible old/defective run to the premises or issues at the tap, get a tech to check the line.
- get the drop to from the pole to your premises replaced, install a new grounding block.

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