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Can I get DSL without phone service ?

It is generally hard to order DSL without an existing phone service, generally because phone companies are reluctant to deliver a clean copper loop to premises that are not already in their systems as a result of providing prior phone service.

If you already have a non-telco DSL on a separate line, it may be possible to cancel your local phone service. Cancellation may be harder, or impossible if you are using ADSL over your existing phone line.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by anonymous - 2012-03-01 19:00
As of late you can now have DSL connectivity service regardless of having a dial tone on your home phone. Century link is one of the providers of this service and it is very reasonably priced. I prefere to have a cell phone rather than a land line at home as cell service is so cheap in compare (hope att and ma bell are listening) but still want the internet connectivity. Century link provided me with this service but I am sure there are others. You still need a phone jack which CL will setup, but there is no dial tone needed as this is a seperate carrier signal to get to internet. ENJOY
by anonymous - 2016-01-06 14:57
There are several reasons it might be hard to impossible to get ADSL without a phone connection.

1 - Many's cannot find the copper pair without a telephone number coupled to it.

2 - The subscription fee for the phone line in part pays for the maintenance of it, with no telephone subscription many telcos are reluctant to allow ADSL because the ADSL subscription has to cover the maintenance. Some accept this anyway, but will charge an extra maintenance fee on top of your ADSL subscription to cover that loss of maintenance income.

On a sidenote, ADSL will work, albeit very slowly, even if one line of the copper pair is broken, but your telephone wont. Having a phone is out of that aspect a good tool to check the integrity of your copper pair if your internet is working badly.
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