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Cabling - Plenum or PVC ?

Plenum rated cable is required by some fire codes, it is simply designed to withstand higher temperatures than ordinary PVC jacketing.

For most homeowners, plenum rated cable is probably not necessary and typically costs 2-3 times more than PVC. There is no electrical difference between the two, and either will perform equally well.

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by kcousins - 2014-06-29 14:13
PVC or Plenum rated cable? In building construction - and in cable installation - plenum refers to the air return chambers or spaces for the HVAC system. These air return chambers can be cavities between floor/ceiling joists or it could be the entire area above a drop ceiling.

Plenum cable has a teflon jacket which has a higher burning/melting temperature and emits no toxic gasses when burned. PVC, on the other hand, emits dioxin when burned, so Plenum cable is required in commercial buildings where cable is installed in the plenum of the building.

I hope this clears up any confusion.
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