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AirTies Air 4740

details: 600 + 300 Mbps Dual Band Concurrent Video Streamer
hardware type: Wireless Router
date added: 2012-10-17
updated: 2015-10-04
Air 4740 is offering a 4x4 802.11n high-speed wireless solution that can provide reliability, predictable bandwidth and high speed performance for real-time video distribution and data transmission in the home.

Dual Band means two radios work concurrently at 2.4 and 5GHz, allowing you to connect legacy devices at 2.4 GHz and the latest devices at 5GHz to get the best possible wireless performance for all your wireless devices.

Simply pushing the "AirTouch" button on Air 4740 is all that needed to configure the device on the wireless network and enable security. AirTouch is compliant with WPS therefore all WPS compliant clients can be connected to Air4740 with a touch of a button.

Air 4740 is capable of wirelessly sending 4 HD and 4 SD video streams simultaneously. It scans all 22 channels at the 5Ghz band, monitors traffic and noise in each channel and dynamically changes wireless channels to avoid interference at runtime without interrupting video streaming.

AirTies UPnP AV / DLNA compliant Media Server feature allows you to attach an external disk drive to your AirTies device and share it on the network. The Air 4740 possesses all the features needed for an IPTV application. It supports VLANs to be able to separate IPTV and data traffic. For cases where a single VLAN is used for more than one type of service, the IP QoS feature can be used to prioritize packets and reserve bandwidth based on traffic type.
 Air 4740 Features
 Availability: currently available
 Warranty: 3 year(s)
 LAN / WAN Connectivity
 WAN ports: 1
 WAN port(s) type: Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
 WAN port auto cross-over: yes
 LAN ports: 4
 LAN ports type: Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
 LAN ports auto cross-over: yes
 NAT routing: yes
 Multihomed: yes
 DMZ: yes
 Port forwarding: yes
 DHCP server: yes
 DHCP client: yes
 DNS proxy: yes
 Dynamic DNS client: yes
 QoS: yes
 UPnP: yes
 Transparent Bridging (IEEE 802.1d): yes
 Routing Protocols: RIP v1 (static routing, RFC 1058)
RIP v2 (dynamic routing, RFC1389)
VLAN tagging (802.1q)
 Maximum Wireless Speed: 900 Mbps (Wi-Fi 4)
 WiFi standards supported: 802.11b (Wi-Fi 1)
802.11a (Wi-Fi 2)
802.11g (Wi-Fi 3)
802.11n (Wi-Fi 4)
 Wifi security/authentication: WEP
Wireless MAC Address filtering
SSID Broadcast disable
 WiFi modes: Access point
 Transmit Power: +20 dBm
 Multiple SSID: yes
 WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup): yes
 Dual Band (2.4GHz/5GHz): yes
 Simultaneous Dual Band (2.4GHz/5GHz): yes
 IPSec passthrough: yes
 L2TP passthrough: yes
 PPTP passthrough: yes
 SPI firewall: yes
 DoS / DDoS protection: yes
 Filtering: Domain/URL blocking, IP Address filtering, MAC Address filtering
 Device Management
 Default IP address:
 Default admin username: n/a
 Default admin password: (blank)
 Administration: Web-based (LAN)
Remote configuration (WAN)
Telnet / CLI
 Firmware upgradeable: yes
 Product page:

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