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Wirelessly charge devices up to 15 feet away

2015-01-06 18:17 by
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At CES 2015, the technology company Energous has shown its WattUp technology - a truly wireless charging technology that can power device up to 15 feet away.

WattUp is a revolutionary, patent - and trademark-pending solution that delivers intelligent, scalable power via the same radio bands as a Wi-Fi router. WattUp differs from current wireless charging systems in that it delivers meaningful, useable power, at a distance, allowing users to roam while charging. The result is a true wire-free experience that saves users from having to remember to plug in their devices or place them on a mat.

Thanks to a built-in transmitter and a Bluetooth connection, it detects compatible Bluetooth devices that need to be powered. WattUp then uses that connection to direct the wireless power signal to the device. Then the signal is absorbed and converted into DC power by a tiny chip embedded in the device. The company claims that such transmitters can be built into household appliances, TVs, speakers and standalone "energy routers."

Actually, the WattUp looks and acts much like a Wi-Fi router. In case of more than one transmitter in certain area, compatible devices will automatically connect to the transmitter offering the strongest signal. The powered devices can be even prioritised in order of their need for power. One WattUp transmitter can handle 12 receiver devices at any given time.

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Watch demo here:


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