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TRENDnet adds new Home Control and Powerline solutions to its product line

2015-01-06 07:25 by
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TRENDnet today announces two new home control products: the Smart Switch Powerline Kit, model THA-102PLK, and the Home Smart Switch with AC750 WiFi Extender, model THA-103AC. The company also introduces a family of high performance Powerline 1200 solutions: the Powerline 1200 AV2 Adapter Kit, model TPL-420E2K, and Powerline 1200 AV2 Adapter Kit with Built-in Outlet, model TPL-421E2K.

"Both products complement the Home Smart Switch with Wireless Extender, model THA-101, which we launched in December," stated Sonny Su, TRENDnet technology director. "The fact that users can manage all of our home control devices from our free app adds installation and management flexibility."

The THA-102PLK Smart Switch Powerline Kit includes the TPL-406E and THA-102PL Powerline adapters. In order to operate, the kit requires a wired or WiFi home router. Power Save mode reduces electrical consumption by up to 80% when idle.

The THA-103AC Home Smart Switch with AC750 WiFi Extender can turn a device on/off from any mobile internet connection. It features external antennas to expand wireless coverage.

TRENDnet's Powerline 1200 solutions create a high performance Powerline 1200 network using an existing electrical system. Adapters auto-connect (on the same electrical system) out of the box over a pre-encrypted Powerline networking signal. Plug in the first adapter and network it to an existing router. Plug in other adapters on the same electrical system for instant extreme Powerline 1200 networking.

Powerline MIMO technology uses all three electrical wires (live, neutral, and ground wires) to achieve higher networking throughput speeds and to further expand networking coverage. A Gigabit port, on both models, extends high performance networking to the respective connected device. TRENDnet adapters connect over electrical lines for homes up to 5,000 square feet (465 sq. m) or over an electrical power line for a linear distance of up to 300 meters (980 ft.).

TPL-420E2KTPL-421E2KThe TPL-420E2K Powerline 1200 AV2 Adapter Kit with Built-in Outlet includes two TPL-420E adapters. It is compatible with Powerline 600, 500, and 200 solutions. Power Save mode reduces electrical consumption by up to 80% when idle.

The TPL-421E2K Powerline 1200 AV2 Adapter Kit with Built-in Outlet includes two TPL-421E adapters. It comes with pre-encrypted Powerline for your convenience. One Gigabit port maintains high performance wired networking. Electrical noise filter optimizes performance.

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