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The Lockly Visage will let you unlock your home with your face

2024-01-08 15:51 by


The smart lock company Lockly is showing off its newest product at CES 2024 this week. The $349 Lockly Visage smart lock with facial recognition can replace your standard deadbolt and turn your doorway into a high-tech haven. Just approach, and the door will unlock.

This is a lock that's compatible with Apple Home Key, so it allows you to unlock your door using your iPhone. Simply tap your iPhone on the lock, and it will unlock for you. Obviously, your iPhone will need to be unlocked itself. If it's a little too cumbersome to take out your iPhone, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock it as well.

That's not the only way to unlock your door. For starters, this lock comes with FaceID built-in. So, it will scan your face in order to unlock your door. Along with that, there's also a fingerprint scanner to keep your door locked. Lastly, you can unlock your door using a pin.

Since this is a lock, it will be exposed to the elements. Thankfully, this smart lock comes with IPX4 water resistance. It's rated to work between temperatures of -4°F and 151°F (between -20°C and 66°C).

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