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Tesla is winning the EV charging format war

2023-06-12 17:55 by
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General Motors (GM) and Ford have both officially made deals with Tesla that will allow their electric vehicle (EV) customers to access the Tesla Supercharger network in North America as soon as 2024.

The deal allows GM and Ford, current makers of more affordable electric vehicles, to manufacture EVs equipped with Tesla's proprietary charging standard and gives these vehicles access to the largest network of EV charging stations in the US.

If you drive a GM EV, you'll need an adapter to use the Tesla Superchargers at first from early 2024. It's unclear how much an adapter will cost. Select Tesla Superchargers already have a "Magic Dock" that allows non-Tesla EVs to charge for a fee.

Beginning in 2025, the first GM EVs will include a NACS inlet for direct access to Tesla Superchargers without an adapter.

GM will then make adapters available for drivers of NACS-enabled vehicles to allow charging on the current industry standard, called CCS for Combined Charging System.

Tesla originally built the Supercharger network to overcome potential buyers' concerns about charging on road trips. The extent and reliability of its fast-charging network was a key component of its early sales pitch to customers nervous about going electric — and it has been a key component of the company's success in the U.S. since.

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