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Sony reveals PS5 hardware specifications

2020-03-18 18:45 by
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Sony was hosting a livestream to detail technical aspects of the PlayStation 5 today, March 18, via the PlayStation Blog. PlayStation 5 system architect Mark Cerny revealed some of the specs it believes will be key for developers and players alike.

The PS5 comes with an 825GB solid-state hard drive, a 65% storage space increase from the base PS4's 500GB HDD. If that doesn't sound like enough space, the PS5 allows users to install non-Sony proprietary hardware, giving you the option to purchase off-the-shelf parts to slot into the system.

The PS4 had 8GB of RAM that Cerny said would often be needed to store everything that might be needed in the next 30 seconds of gameplay. The PS5 doubles that to 16GB of RAM, but the SSD allows data to be moved to and out of it so quickly that it would only need to store everything the game might need in the next second or so.

Using a technology called Boost, the system will be able to adjust CPU and GPU usage on-the-fly, adjusting to the needs of the game being run. Developers will be able to finely tune game performance. It also does ray-tracing, because it pretty much has to.

Another notable feature is 3D audio. Cerny talked about the company's Tempest 3D Audio Tech, which he said aims to give players a sense of "presence and locality." The idea behind Tempest is that people know where sounds are coming from because of how sounds are changed by the specific acoustics of their own ears and heads, and that those changes can be mathematically mapped out in a head-related transfer function (HRTF).

The video also confirmed that the PS5 will be backward compatible with PS4 games. Cerny didn't mention if PS3, PS2, or PS1 games will be supported. He did, however, say that they're expecting most of "the top 100 PS4 games" to be playable on PS5 at launch.

Right now we still don't have a firm release date or a price.

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