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Sony is gearing up to make an electric car

2022-01-05 14:08 by
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Sony has revealed plans to start an electric car company, making it the latest electronics manufacturer to target the automotive sector.The Japanese tech company will set up a new operating subsidiary called "Sony Mobility Inc." in the coming months and is considering the commercial launch of an electric vehicle, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said at the CES consumer tech trade show on Tuesday.

"We are exploring a commercial launch of Sony's EV," said Yoshida. That exploration will apparently find out how a "creative entertainment company" can “redefine mobility."

The company - best known for its electronic gadgets and entertainment products - plans to use AI and robotics in its new EV business. It unveiled the Vision-S 02, a SUV prototype, at the CES conference in Las Vegas.

The concept SUV uses Sony sensors to enable some self-driving functions and makes use of the company's expertise in entertainment. Passengers would be able to play video games on the go while connected to their PlayStation consoles at home.

Sony introduced its first prototype vehicle, the Vision-S 01 two years ago, which it started testing on public roads in Europe in December 2020. The new SUV would use the same EV cloud platform as the first model, Sony said in a press release.

Although its once-dominant position in consumer electronics has been eroded by Asian rivals like South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co, Sony still has an arsenal of sophisticated technology in areas such as sensors critical to autonomous driving.

Electric cars present fewer barriers to entry for potential new entrants because they have fewer moving parts, while autonomous cars (which are still in development) are expected to open a new opportunity to sell entertainment and services to passengers.

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