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OpenAI to launch ChatGPT app store next week

2024-01-04 19:09 by
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OpenAI is set to launch an app store for custom versions of ChatGPT. The move by OpenAI would allow the GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) that developers have created with the base version of ChatGPT to be hosted in one repository.

GPT Store, where users can sell and share customized AI agents based on OpenAI's large language models, will officially launch next week, OpenAI said in an email to people signed on as GPT Builders. The email asked users to double-check that their GPT creations meet brand guidelines and reminded people to make their GPTs public.

The store was initially supposed to launch in November, but it had to be delayed, as OpenAI had a very busy month firing CEO Sam Altman and then rehiring CEO Sam Altman. The date slipped to December, then was postponed again.

It's unclear how much GPTs will sell for, but ostensibly they could be used to build diverse products like an employee handbook chatbot, or a pocket wine sommelier. All OpenAI has said is that to punt a GPT for other users to buy or use, makers have to be "verified."

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