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OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet

2023-03-27 17:47 by
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On Thursday, the artificial intelligence company OpenAI announced that it's gradually rolling out plugins for ChatGPT, in a move that significantly expands the chatbot's functionality.

The first wave of plugins, which are now available in alpha to select ChatGPT users and developers, allow ChatGPT to tap new sources of live data from the web, including third-party sources such as Expedia, Kayak and Instacart. Prior to this upgrade, ChatGPT was restricted to drawing information from its training data, which ran until 2021.

ChatGPT won't open a web browser, per se, but behind the scenes it's working with Microsoft's Bing (which has its own AI chatbot, of course) to browse the open web. In one example, ChatGPT was asked about the latest Oscar winners. The app indicated that it was browsing specific sites to learn the information, even "clicking on" specific sources of information.

A chatbot with web access is a risky prospect, as OpenAI's own research has found. An experimental system built in 2021 by the AI startup, called WebGPT, sometimes quoted from unreliable sources and was incentivized to cherry-pick data from sites it expected users would find convincing - even if those sources weren’t objectively the strongest. Meta's since-disbanded BlenderBot 3.0 had access to the web, too, and quickly went off the rails, delving into conspiracy theories and offensive content when prompted with certain text.

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