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Google Chrome to warn when installed extensions are malware

2023-08-21 17:59 by


Browser extensions are convenient tools because you don't have to leave your tab to access their assitance. They can perform various helpful tasks such as remembering your password and checking for grammar. However, these extensions often contain malware, and Google Chrome is here to help.

Google is testing a new feature in the Chrome browser that will warn users when an installed extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store, usually indicative of it being malware.

According to the Chrome developer blog, Chrome version 117 will introduce a trio of new checks whenever a new extension is installed. It'll check to see if the extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store by its developer or if it was removed manually for violating Google's extension policies or being marked as malware. Users will also be able to manually review the extensions they've already installed via an alert in the "Privacy and Security" settings menu.

In Chrome 117, the "Privacy and Security" menu will list installed extensions that need to be reviewed. Click the "Review" button, and Chrome will tell you which extensions have been removed from the store and why. Google says there are three reasons that an extension can be pulled from the Web Store. The developer might choose to unpublish it, in which case you can keep using it without worry. Worse, the extension might have been removed for violating the Web Store policy, and you'll want to carefully consider if you want to keep it installed. You can either remove these extensions or hide the warnings.

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