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First submarine cable between Europe and South America goes live

2021-11-25 19:04 by


EllaLink and Equinix have announced that the first high-capacity submarine cable system between Europe and Latin America is now fully operational. The project, part-funded by the European Commission, connects Brazil and Portugal – where it continues as a direct terrestrial link to Madrid, Spain.

The cable was connected to Equinix's International Business Exchange (IBX) SP4 datacenter in Sao Paulo, LS1 in Lisbon and MD2 in Madrid.

The 5,700-mile route will enable Internet traffic to bypass North America, and its owners say it will deliver a 50 percent increase in network performance between data centers in Brazil, Portugal, and Spain.

"Offering one-hop connections between Latin America and Europe with a 60ms latency is a game changer from a transatlantic latency perspective," said Diego Matas, chief operating officer at EllaLink.

Low latency is a key factor for content providers, cloud companies and financial firms, as delays of a few milliseconds can impact the profitability of trading operations.

Equinix estimates that 99% of intercontinental traffic goes via subsea cables, with less than 1% of the remaining traffic carried through satellite systems.

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