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Broadband providers delivering advertised speeds, says FCC

2011-08-03 09:27 by
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A report released on Tuesday by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission reveals that Internet service providers actually met - and sometimes exceeded - the speeds they advertised. In the study, the FCC measured the speed and performance of broadband services delivered to the home. First proposed in the FCC's National Broadband Plan, the report provides recommendations on how to provide greater clarity and competition to the U.S. broadband market. According to the report, during peak hours, DSL-based service providers deliver 82 percent of what's promised and cable providers 93 percent.

"For most participating broadband providers, actual download speeds are substantially closer to advertised speeds than was found in data from early 2009 and discussed in a subsequent FCC white paper, though performance can vary significantly by technology and specific provider," the FCC said in its "Measuring Broadband in America," report.

"These results, based on data from monitoring equipment installed in consumer homes and in ISP networks, debunk the conventional mythology that ISPs are delivering far less than the speeds they advertise," says AT&T senior vice president for federal regulatory affairs Bob Quinn.

Verizon FIOS and Comcast cable were the two biggest winners from the study, as both delivered 100 percent or more of promised bandwidth speed. However, Cablevision fared the worst, delivering just half of its promised bandwidth speed during peak hours.

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