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Asus patches highly critical WiFi router flaws

2023-06-20 18:53 by
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Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Asus on Monday shipped urgent firmware updates to address vulnerabilities in its WiFi router product lines and warned users of the risk of remote code execution attacks.

"If you choose not to install this new firmware version, we strongly recommend disabling services accessible from the WAN side to avoid potential unwanted intrusions. These services include remote access from WAN, port forwarding, DDNS, VPN server, DMZ, port trigger," the company cautioned.

Of the nine security flaws, two are rated Critical and six are rated High in severity. One vulnerability is currently awaiting analysis.

The most serious vulnerabilities are among the oldest, including the 2018 entry which could be exploited to gain arbitrary code execution, and CVE-2022-26376 which could see unauthorized parties execute memory corruption attacks. Both were awarded a 'critical' score of 9.8 under NIST's National Vulnerability Database.

The company, which has struggled with security problems in the past, listed the affected WiFi routers as Asus GT6, GT-AXE16000, GT-AX11000 PRO, GT-AX6000, GT-AX11000, GS-AX5400, GS-AX3000, XT9, XT8, XT8 V2, RT-AX86U PRO, RT-AX86U, RT-AX86S, RT-AX82U, RT-AX58U, RT-AX3000, TUF-AX6000 and TUF-AX5400.

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