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Amazon program lets consumers decide which device the company builds next

2021-02-17 18:58 by
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Amazon introduced a new program Wednesday called "Build It", where the giant will present concepts for devices and leave it to shoppers to choose whether they want it built by preordering.

The company will periodically present new concepts for preorder, Amazon said Wednesday in a blog post. Each concept will have a goal number of preorders. If the idea reaches that number within 30 days, Amazon will build it and the customers will be charged for their order when it ships at a special lock-in price.

The three new concepts introduced this week come from inventors, designers and engineers within Amazon: To start, there's a $89.99 hands-free smart sticky note printer the size of a receipt printer you'd see next to a cash register. It works with Alexa to print shopping lists, reminders and calendar events on small Post-it-sized notes. Meanwhile, a $34.99 smart scale lets you ask Alexa to weigh 200 calories of blueberries and provides nutritional information for thousands of ingredients and food based on weight. Finally, the cuckoo clock ($79.99) features a mechanical pop-out cuckoo bird, built-in speakers for timers and alarms and can be mounted on the wall or sit on a shelf.

The company isn't listing specific goals, but each project will show the percentage toward completion (with no numbers listed). If the goal isn't met, preorders won’t be charged and the company will move on to the next project.

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