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7 VPN services found recording user logs, despite 'No-Log' pledge

2020-07-20 18:23 by


Seven different VPN service providers collected and logged user information, contrary to their "no logging" policies, and left more than 1TB of user data belonging to as many as 20 million users unprotected on an open cloud server for anyone to find.

Earlier this month, vpnMentor discovered a single open server that contained user information belonging to seven different VPN services based in Hong Kong. Fast VPN, Flash VPN, Free VPN, Rabbit VPN, Secure VPN, Super VPN and UFO VPN - seem to be owned by the same company or to use the same third-party "white label" VPN infrastructure. The websites for all the services except UFO VPN are strikingly similar.

"We do not track user activities outside of our site, nor do we track the website browsing or connection activities of users who are using our Services," reads the UFO VPN privacy policy.

However, the shared database (containing 1,083,997,361 logs in total) shows that the seven providers in question collect a range of internet activity logs, contrary to data collection policies.

"We found multiple instances of internet activity logs on their shared server," explained vpnMentor.

It is advised that users change their passwords and change the login information of any other account that used such passwords and, if possible, switch to another service.

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